School Feeding Program


Since the beginning of Alice Visionary Foundation Project (AVFP) we have wanted to involve the community in identifying their own needs and projects that may assist in helping their community. In late 2005 after a needs assessment survey with the Amilo villagers and brainstorming sessions with village elders, key opinion leaders and local officials from other surrounding villages, many key general issues of need were identified, however two were determined to be of most importance; the overwhelming number of orphans (full and partial) in need of assistance for education and the lack of food for the children. 

With this significant lack of food, this need was crucial as many children only ate one meal a day and were not able to attend school or concentrate in class due to the lack of proper nutrition. Amilo Primary School served as an entry-point to the community for both initial AVFP programs of Orphans and Vulnerable Children educational support and the first School Feeding Program.

After the initiation of the School Feeding Program, Amilo Primary School attendance more than doubled which led to the intervening of both the Kenya Government and parents to build a new school, increase the number of teachers, and led to a significant increase in student performance. With additional support and encouragement of AVFP and AVFP volunteers the early childhood program also expanded.

In the Muhoroni District/Sub-County, more poverty-stricken schools were identified in need of assistance; however without sufficient funds AVFP began a bidding process with the local schools to increase parent and administrative participation and increase the sustainability of the program. In 2013 AVFP then initiated the School Feeding Program at Minyange Primary School and attendance also increased with many of the same changes that followed as in the Amilo Primary School; a new school was built, the number of teachers increased, improved student performance and growth of the early childhood program. By 2017 the school feeding program moved to Ogwodo Primary School. 

Even with further school and community education in agriculture, assistance in gardening programs and guidance throughout this program the project lacked any consistent sustainability, ending at the end of 2107.

 First Feeding Program started at 
    Amilo Primary School

 First Feeding Program started at 

    Amilo Primary School


Original Amilo Primary School before the feeding program.


New Amilo Primary School following the feeding program.


Minyange Primary School feeding program.


Minyange Primary School before the feeding program.


New Minyange Primary School following the feeding program.


Ogwodo Primary School feeding program.

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