Alice Visionary Foundation Project (AVFP) is an International Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered with the Kenya government under the NGO Coordination Board since September of 2010. AVFP is also a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) in the United States since 2009. The organization’s mission is to improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged and most vulnerable through education, poverty reduction, gender equality and to promote peace and justice. The project’s vision is to care for and support the disadvantaged and most vulnerable by improving their quality of life. Founded in March 2005, the project addresses its mission through coordination and linkage of efforts by working together with various agencies and with the Kenyan government to tackle various issues affecting the community.

AVFP was co-founded by Beldina Opiyo, who had attended university in the United States. Overwhelmed by the number of orphans and vulnerable children she was already trying to assist through a small feeding program, Beldina met with family members to develop a formal organization that would meet greater needs of her community. They discussed the vision that their late parents had, particularly their late mother “Mama Alice”, who had started to serve God by helping the needy and the vulnerable in her village.

They began in Amilo Village/Muhoroni District for AVFP lacked the resources to serve on such a grand scale at that time. Since Amilo was home to Beldina Opiyo and her family, it was easier to start there and identify the immediate needs of the village. After an initial survey by AVFP volunteers in Amilo Village, they realized not only was there a great need to feed the children, but also the overwhelming number of Orphans and Vulnerable Children who lacked family support and funds for education.

In late 2005, Beldina met Sandra Rader (co-founder) while attending church near the university. Sandy also felt God’s call to “help in Africa”. Being inspired by her mother Jane, who worked with missions, she joined forces with Beldina and began raising funds, in honor of her mother, to educate the many orphans and vulnerable children in this region.

At the end of 2014, AVFP was approached by WomenStrong International (WSI) about taking over the management of Millennium Cities Initiative Groups Savings and Loan (GS & L) groups in the Manyatta slums of Kisumu, as the project was closing. With the support of WSI since that time, AVFP has expanded not only in the economic empowerment of women through the GS & L groups, but strives to empower women and girls through clubs and meetings on many basic educational needs, safety needs and injustices reported to AVFP by our participants. These trainings include Gender Based Violence (GBV), Life Skills, Children/Girls and Women’s Human Rights, Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting training, Career Counseling, Health Education and much more. 

As AVFP listens to those it serves and continues to expand to meet those needs, the organization transforms not only the communities in which its participants live, but empower them to become tomorrow’s leaders.

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