Jane's African Orphan & Vulerable Children's Mission

After an initial survey by AVFP staff in Amilo Village, it was realized that many orphans would not be able to continue with their education due to lack of funds. Jane’s African Orphan & Vulnerable Children's Mission was developed as a mission under AVFP due to an urgent need for continuing the education of the twelve total orphans identified as the most vulnerable in Amilo Village.

As part of the Presbyterian Church of the Mountain Mission team, Sandra Rader felt God’s call in keeping these children in school. If a difference was to be made in this village, the education of these children would be a necessity.

The name of this mission is founded after Sandy’s mother Jane E. Rader, who through her love and care for others showed the importance of sharing God’s love with a special heart for missions. Although Jane has been unable to go to other countries to personally do mission work, she has continued to show God’s love through her support of missions. She has been faithful in prayer, letters, gifts and housing missionaries on furlough. Her special love and calling from God has always been to minister to children, with a special dream of one day sitting and showing God’s love by just rocking infants. This mission is to continue to show God’s love through the support of orphans as God leads.

The focus of this project, under AVFP, is to equip orphans and other vulnerable children with an education that will improve their lives spiritually, economically, nutritionally and socially. AVFP is currently providing educational support in the form of school fees, learning materials, and any other needs to enable them to receive a complete education. Education is a means for earning a living and a vital tool for keeping these children alive and healthy.