Group Savings and Loan

Group Savings and Loan (GS&L) methodology consists of groups made up of 15-30 members who come together after individual self-screening to mobilize savings. Members can then acquire loans from this savings at a service/interest fee decided upon by the group. The groups then transact their own business of saving and loaning for a period of 9-12 months after which they share out their accumulated funds proportionately. Due to poverty and lack of proper sanitation, AVFP adopted the GS&L methodology in order to enhance the living standards of women residing in Kisumu. The goal is to improve the health status of women and their families through increased financial security thus reducing morbidity and mortality rates.

The project primarily targets women in the urban informal settlement in Kisumu. This GS &L program is designed to improve access to basic financial services through participation in these groups.

The goals of this program are:

1. To increase knowledge on Group Savings and Loans methodology.
2. To improve access to basic financial services
3. To increase the level of involvement in Income Generating Activities
4. To improve access to basic health services

These goals are achieved through the following activities:

• Training
• Monitoring and mentoring
• Auction Audit/share out
• Evaluation

In addition, the program includes an integrated partnership approach that brings together the public and private sector through relevant government ministries and non-governmental organizations to assist in the most effective delivery of our proposed project outcomes.

AVFP groups are supported by a grant from WomenStrong International.