School Feeding

School Feeding Program With small donations from several individual donors, AVFP initiated a School Feeding Project (Also known to most as “Free Lunch Program”) at Amilo Primary School. This program currently benefits between 350-400 students (averaging between ages 6-15). Each child in the program is entitled to a hot lunch a day. The food being served at lunchtime ranges from beans and grain, to locally grown vegetables made especially to help meet the dietary needs of malnourished children. These nutritional benefits also serve educational goals of increasing students' academic performance and attendance. The monthly cost of feeding is KShs. 50,400 or ($720 USD) but can fluctuate according to supply and demand of the planting and harvesting seasons.

For many poor students, the food they eat at school is the most nutrition they will get all day. The immediate objectives of the school feeding program are to:

•Increase consistent attendance of children, particularly for girls
•Improve children’s learning capacity to concentrate and assimilate information by relieving short-term hunger
•Support the introduction of school farms and gardens