Early Childhood Education

As AVFP expanded in their educational support of orphans and vulnerable children in the Muhoroni District, we realized the difficulty many of our students had in performing in school at the level needed to succeed within this educational system.

There was a lack of basic education and growth due to not only the lack of food, but also the absence of family and community support during this important time in a child’s development.

This brought about the involvement and support of an Early Childhood Development (ECD) program within Amilo Primary School as well as encouragement throughout the district.

With the support of volunteers from England, USA and the community the program expanded with an appropriate building, new desks, supplies and encouragement/training of ECD teachers.

The school feeding program was also adjusted to include the ECD class up to 10 years old.

In 2013 several members of AVFP USA board traveled to Kenya to assist in the support and expansion of this program with a special Children’s Day of fun and events held in Amilo Village for over 250 children. This was to demonstrate to the community the importance for encouraging the development of children at this young age if they are going to have a chance for success. We hope to expand our support to many more ECD programs in the community.